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SERVICES – Exhibitors

SERVICES – Exhibitors
With over 30 years in the B2B market and years of experience in the trade show market, Edge Contact Services knows that the quality and quantity of exhibitors are vital to a show’s continued success, year after year. Exhibitors should complement speakers, be relevant to your industry, and provide products and services, traditional and innovative, that will help your visitors.Our professional staff will help you attract the exhibitors that will help attract visitors – making your show an enduring success.

Edge Contact Services will:

• Call from your provided list, or obtain industry-specific leads.
• Write a professional, persuasive script, or edit your script.
• Provide an organized, strategic calling schedule, coordinated with any other marketing efforts, that includes save the date, open registration, registration reminders, last chance, follow up calls and more, per your requests.
Space calls to build interest but not annoy.
Perform quality assurance checks from recorded calls.
Use your web interface to complete registrations.
• Provide daily reports.

All lists and files are destroyed after our work with you, so you are guaranteed that we don’t sell or rent your information to a competing show or organization.

Your show can have the best exhibitors, filling your floor to capacity before your deadline. Call or email Edge Contact Services today for a thorough proposal.