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SERVICES – Follow Up

SERVICES – Follow Up
A show’s impact shouldn’t end when the last exhibitor trundles out. The value and benefit that exhibitors and visitors alike received in those hours should positively affect their organizations permanently – and make attendance at your show each year absolutely necessary.

Edge Contact Services can help ensure your show is included in next year’s budget. We will reach out to visitors and exhibitors to strengthen their commitment to your show. When exhibitors and visitors feel they have a voice in the planning and execution of next year’s show, they are much more likely to attend.

Edge Contact Services will:

• Call from your provided list, or obtain industry-specific leads.
• Call from your list of past exhibitors and visitors.
• Write a professional, persuasive script, or edit your script.
• Provide an organized, strategic calling schedule that may include a thank you, a survey, complaint management and more.
Perform quality assurance checks from recorded calls.
Use your web interface to enter feedback and responses
• Provide daily reports.

All lists and files are destroyed after our work with you, so you are guaranteed that we don’t sell or rent your information to a competing show or organization.

Edge Contact Services will bond your exhibitors and visitors with your show through follow up, making them much more likely to see your show as a valuable benefit – and to register in the future. Call or email Edge Contact Services today for a thorough proposal.