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SERVICES – Visitors

SERVICES – Visitors
Without visitors, your show falls flat. There is no hum of voices on the floor, no audience for your excellent speakers and no registration fees for financial success. Visitors who come to a poorly-attended show may enjoy the speakers, but they won’t feel the emotional tie to your show necessary for next year’s registration.

Quality visitors are also important to keep exhibitors coming back each year. Exhibitors need visitors to be informed decision-makers who are ready to buy so they can achieve the ROI necessary for them to exhibit again next year.

The quantity and quality of visitors truly determines the success of your show. You need to pack those floors, pack those sessions and pack those keynote speaker dining tables. Edge Contact Services will perform the outreach that will increase registrations and get relevant visitors through your doors, making your show a sustainable financial success.

Edge Contact Services will:

• Call from your organization’s list, or obtain industry-appropriate leads.
• Write a professional, persuasive script, or edit your script.
• Provide a strategic calling schedule, coordinated with any other marketing efforts, that includes save the date, open registration, registration reminders, last chance, follow up calls and more, per your requests.
Space calls to build interest but not annoy.
Use recorded calls to perform quality assurance checks.
Use your web interface to complete registrations.
• Provide daily reports.

All lists and files are destroyed after our work with you, so you are guaranteed that we don’t sell or rent your information to a competing show or organization.

Edge Contact Services will help fill your floor, sessions and keynote meals with professional, industry-invested decision makers who can benefit from your speakers and who will benefit your exhibitors. Call or email Edge Contact Services today for a thorough proposal.